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Best Way to Treat Urinary Tract Infections

Abdominal pains can be a nuisance to the life of a woman. Having a urinary tract infection and feeling pain in the pelvic area can derail a career or relationship as the female puts her concentration towards soothing herself and curing the pain. The situation is worse when the discharges affect her esteem. However, it shouldn’t be this way. There are many women in the world who are living with stress incontinence and so, you can be sure you aren’t alone. That doesn’t mean you should be comfortable. You can find the best doctors to help you deal with female incontinence in Walnut Creek.

Female Urinary Incontinence Walnut Creek

Urinary stress incontinence is the unintentional leakage of urine in women. Physical movements around the abdomen may push the bladder and exert pressure on it until it is unable to hold its contents any more. Such movements may include laughing, sneezing, coughing, jogging or even lifting weights. This condition occurs when muscles and tissues supporting the bladder end up losing their strength.

Childbirth is one of the major reasons why some woman have stress incontinence. Urine then starts leaking as a result of the loosening of the sphincter muscles located at the neck of the bladder. Other factors that contribute to incontinence include: obesity, aging, obesity, hysterectomy and the surgery of the pelvic. It is then strengthened by smoking, excessive caffeine, and alcohol consumption as well as hormonal imbalance.

Pelvic pain? See the cure!

If you have this condition, you can cure it, and you do not need to feel embarrassed. At least, there exist several ways of managing and solving the problem. Talk with the best tract infection specialist in Walnut Creek and you will be treated. To manage the condition, use the following tips!

Modify your behavior

If you change some of your behaviors, you can end up treating stress incontinence. This behavior change involves exercises that target the pelvic floor muscles. Others are biofeedback, a reduction in the consumption of caffeine and alcohol as well as neurostimulation. After this, you will need to cut weight, stop smoking, start a schedule in which you go to the toilet regularly and then seek medication to treat the chronic coughs.

Visit a surgeon

If the condition is severe, then you should go for a surgery by an expert such as at the Female Urinary Incontinence Walnut Creek center. The surgery primarily aim at improving the closure of the bladder’s opening.

Urinary devices

Sometimes, the woman can simply insert a special tampon-shaped device that supports the bladder’s opening. Apart from preventing the leakage, these devices help in giving the woman more time to prepare for getting to the toilet. These methods are healthy.

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